Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finished hexagon baby blanket!

This took me about 3 days of off and on loom knitting. I used 2 different balls of yarn and I love how it turned out. I did a different bind off than on the instructions because I kept screwing it up, so I did it the hard way. It is done in e-wrap knit and purl into a garter stitch. I love the simplicity of garter stitch, and it has no "wrong" side.
The first wedge, the hardest part. 36 peg large gauge loom.

2 wedges down

3 wedges, halfway there, starting to take shape.

4 wedges, looking better.

5 wedges, almost there!

6 wedges, ready for bind-off!

Bound off and sewn securely together.

A size comparison. On my large computer chair.

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