Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hexagon baby blanket

I found this free pattern at this awesome site and decided to make one. I used two similar, lighter yarns that are different colours but follow the same pattern. I initially wanted to do it all in the blue/purple/teal yarn, but I didn't have enough to do the entire blanket. I completed one wedge on Tuesday night, and three and a half on Wednesday and I'm finishing it up now, on Thursday.

It's actually an easy pattern. I love it. The colours actually mesh well and I think this is my favourite project I've done. I found the pattern on Ravelry (GO THERE) and it's an alternate wingspan pattern that blew everyone away with needles and was made available on the loom. I use looms, I suck with needles. The pattern is basic, using three stitches: e-wrap knit, purl, and half stitch. I did an e-wrap cast on and I'm doing a basic bind off. I used a 36 peg circle loom and I want to do it again with crazy rainbow colours on my 50 peg circle loom, and I want to make a poncho.

It's a great pattern and can be easily modified to make a scarf, a poncho, a wrap and more.

Here's the example off of the site:

And here is mine, as of last night before I went to bed. 4 wedges completed. I am now finishing the final wedge. 
It will definitely look different when it's connected and not so stretched out. Pardon my dirty carpet. 

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