Sunday, November 3, 2013

On and off the loom

I've still got the 10 stitch blanket going. I'm going round and round and round. It's looking good. I'm going to finish it in the darker blue shades. I want it to cover my double bed. I have no updated pics, just look down. It looks about the same. I was in the hospital for a few weeks. I started some socks there in some god-awful yarn.

I took the Leaf Dragon scarf thing off my loom. It wasn't turning out. The cats play with it now. I haven't accomplished anything on the sweater except for getting yarn to finish it.

What else.. I've found some patterns I'm excited to do. Loom Knit Granny Round by Kristen at GoodknitKisses by Kristen Mangus

Granny squares on the loom! I'll see if I can crochet them together. I cannot crochet worth a damn, I've been trying worth years. I still have hooks. I've given away my old books and stuff to people that can use 'em. I just can't do it. Like knitting needles, I try and try. Looms, it is! I have fun with them.

Here's what I want, but bigger. More blankets! Huge blankets. Warm blankets, winter is coming. And not green. I like colour. Blues, especially. The more the better.

So, winter is coming. Expect hats (touques), scarves, mittens and more. I'm expanding on my "mad skillz". Maybe I'll even write a tutorial.

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