Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Poppy Neckerchief Simplified

I'm making this cute little neckerchief (I love the way that sounds, so vintage, teehee! *snark*) for my mom, along with some gloves and a hat, for her birthday. I'm going to cable the hat, and make gloves with fingers! My first tries. I've simplified the pattern for the neckerchief a bit because I'm using small gauges that are close together. It's my first time using the Martha Stewart loom set (put it together yourself) and I'm going to be finding pegs everywhere for the rest of my life. The cats like to play with them. I like the colour of this yarn. Since I just got out of the psychiatric unit, I've decided it would be therapeutic to also make hats and scarves for the cancer centre where my boyfriend goes for his MRI's. He doesn't go for another 6 months (he has a brain tumor that is "watch and wait", so far so good, no changes since diagnosis) so I'll have a huge bag full by then. I'm sure they could use some blankets. If I won't use it, they can. I'm going to knit today, go to therapy, then knit, then play D&D. I've got new dice for my new character. Here's the neckerchief so far on my loom. I've also learned a new bind off and am making it look fancy with some crochet detailing. Hell, I might even throw in some Swarovski crystal beads!
UPDATE: I got this far before going to bed last night:
I'm decreasing now, just over 50% done.

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